About Us

Cutting Edge Clinic

Throughout his many years of experience, Dr. Podtetenev has used various technologies at a number of specialized clinics to treat his patients. Since all of these technologies failed to meet his expectations, he turned to VisuMax, a type of laser that was not yet available in Quebec. Out of this came the idea of setting up a clinic aligned with his perspective so that everyone in Quebec could benefit from this innovative and safe technology.

In 2015, Dr.Podtetenev is the first in Quebec to introduce the latest (3rd) generation of laser vision correction, the ReLEx SMILE. This is one of the most innovative and revolutionary technology ever. Invisia, known previously as FocusVision, enters a new era.

Our Mission

At Invisia, we are the pioneers of laser vision correction in Quebec. Our exclusive state-of-the-art technologies, our safe procedures and our human approach benefits everyone to regain an absolute natural vision.

Our Values

Invisia values integrity, innovation, professionalism, trust, hospitality and respect for the code of ethics of physicians in the various functions of its company.