Why Invisia

Why Choose Invisia


Safety and excellence should be imperative in choosing your laser surgery. In the age of new technologies, two options are now available: the ReLEx SMILE or the Femto-LASIK (with VisuMax bladeless technology).

At INVISIA, you are not faced with a number of options. We have already made the best choice for you. Because your eyes are precious, we have selected the safest, most precise, least painful and advanced technology. We are a unique high-tech clinic for people who are looking for the best solution for their eyes.

Here Are 8 Reasons to Choose Invisia


Unique Clinic

We are the first and only in Quebec to offer the third and latest generation of laser vision correction: the ReLEx SMILE.

Best option for your eyes

Your eyesight is the most valuable sense. The doctor recommends for you what he would do for his family. You deserve the best treatment!


Over 25 years experience in refractive surgery. Dr. Michel Podtetenev is a forerunner, visionary, passionate and above all, an experienced and recognized surgeon.


Your time is valuable. We ensure a complete, accurate and rapid consultation.


Your safety is our priority! We are proud to be one of the few clinics to use two independent instrument trays for bilateral surgeries, minimizing any form of cross-contamination.


At our clinic, you meet the ophthalmologist which personally conducts your consultation, surgery and post-operative follow-up. The doctor remains available the next 24hrs after your surgery.

Premium Service

All our patients receive our personalized high-end service.


One of the few clinics to offer presbyopia laser correction (Laser Blended Vision).