Always on the cutting edge

For more than 8 years, we have been using a femtosecond laser (Femto-LASIK) and an Excimer laser to correct your vision precisely, safely and comfortably.

Femto-LASIK (2nd generation)

We create a corneal flap that we then lift in order to proceed to the laser vision correction.

The benefits of Femto-LASIK


Less discomfort

It allows a quick vision recovery.

Bladeless procedure

Very precise and safe technique.

Comfortable with no vision loss

Gentle pressure on the eye with no vision loss, no intense tightness as experienced with microkeratome blades and other femtosecond lasers.

Safe technique

Allows for a thinner, more precise and more uniform incision. Reverse incision allows for greater corneal flap stability.

Custom correction

To correct your vision, we use the MEL 90 Excimer laser, which alters the surface of the cornea by changing its curvature. The laser removes corneal tissue by vaporizing corneal cells. It eliminates all optical defects, whenever possible.


For your safety and comfort

LASIK has been around for over 25 years and has improved over the years. Thus, because of higher complication risks, we chose not to use the microkeratome with blade (automated scalpel).