Myopia & Astigmatism

ReLEx SMILE (3rd generation)



We create in the cornea a mini lens (lenticule) of optical correction, which is then gently removed by an incision of less than 2.7 mm. This technique, less invasive, includes several advantages unlike the PRK and LASIK.


Benefits of ReLEx SMILE


Minimally invasive procedure

  • Flapless
  • Mini incision
    • Opening of less than 2.7 mm.
    • 80 % less peripheral cut compared to LASIK.
  • Less dry eyes
    • Preserves the nerves of the cornea.
  • Safer
    • Preserves the biomecanic and stability of the cornea.
  • Independent of intraoperative environmental conditions
    • This technique is intracorneal.
  • Better recovery
    • Reduction of postoperative discomfort (1h – 3h) compared to LASIK (4h – 6h) and PRK (1 week).

All femto treatment

  • High-precision revolutionary treatment
  • Fast
    • Only 28 seconds to create a lenticule of any correction.
  • Comfortable
    • Transparent curved plastic interface which adjusts to the natural shape of the cornea to prevent unnecessary compression on the cornea.
    • No loss of vision during treatment or important pressure on the eye.

Simplified treatment

  • Single-step
  • Only one laser
  • A simple and fast procedure
  • Noiseless and odorless treatment